Ways Coaching Works

Coaching is a relationship, a series of conversations where together we explore your areas of need, concern, and growth.

Connecting and Working Together

You’ve probably heard about different “types” of coaching—for example: executive, results, performance, personal, life, etc. Bottom line—coaching is coaching! It’s about asking great discovery questions, listening to connect, and being the third eye for whatever game it is you want to play bigger, better, and newer!

I am a results-based coach with a desire to make a difference for you on this journey we take together. Coaching is about shifts in mindset, navigation of detours, a transformation of challenges into rewarding results. on your terms! I will ask insightful and challenging questions, offer observations and insight and then help you come up with outcomes, actions and changes that you desire.

My belief as a coach is that you have the answers within you!

I offer face-to-face coaching and virtual coaching options. When time, flexibility, and distance are an issue the virtual approach works really well for my players. I’m committed to finding what works for you.

In addition to my coach specialization, I have years of experience in human performance technology and organization development. I have spent time working internally and externally in industries ranging from the government to global manufacturing. You’re getting a coach; however, you are getting much more!

You’ll turn to coaching whenever you need to:

  • Provide a push for action or change
  • Stimulate self generated insights and curiousity
  • Surface and address issues critical to success
  • Generate shifts
  • Achieve more in less time
  • Have a neutral thinking partner

I have coached:

  • Executives
  • Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Teams
  • Managers
  • Real Estate Manager & Agents
  • Results Driven Individuals

Our Coaching Partnership

Coaching focuses on where you are now and where you want to be in order to create the work or personal life you want. It’s also about who you are and who you want to be!

Although there is structure, coaching is very versatile and you are at the helm and I will steer the course. My job is to make sure that our conversations enable you to cross the finish line.

Ideally, you will take your coaching experience into all areas of your life, treating it and yourself with respect even when it becomes a little challenging. The process is rewarding and can be a lot of fun.

How does it work?

My coaching offerings are 100% customized to meet individual and/or organizational needs and goals. I always start with a complimentary discovery session, the number one way to know if this experience is right for you. As mentioned sessions are available in-person for local clients and online for those people or organizations outside of Nebraska. Each coaching assignment is different, and the number of sessions will depend on our initial conversation, your intuition, and circumstances.

My players receive access to CoachAccountable’s online coaching support platform to foster communication, growth, results and accountability! CoachAccountable is your one-stop shop for session notes, things you want to measure, worksheets, journal entries, files, self-directed courses, conversations, and appointments. The most powerful part of this tool is that it tracks actionable items and metrics you commit too– then remind you via text or email when they are due.

For organizations customized approaches from team/group to individual coaching are available to be offered after a conversation is held regarding your needs and desired results.