Group Coaching

“Coming together, ordinary people can perform extraordinary feats. They can push things that come into their hands a little higher up, a little further on toward the heights of excellence.”  Unknown

Group coaching is a facilitated group process led by a coach and created with the intention of maximizing the combined energy, experience and wisdom of individuals who choose to join in order to achieve organizational objectives, team needs or individual aspirations! The possibilities are endless because they are measured by you or your organization utilizing the power of groups.

When group coaching has been used..

  • Follow up on any kind of training, as a this approach can help learning retention and transfer of learning
  • Desire to surface and address issues getting in way of success and work on path forward
  • Teams that have a particular  goal
  • Desire to tap into the energy and power of a group to stretch one’s self and make progress vs. going it alone
  • Build self awareness, expand perspective and collective wisdom
  • Cost-effective coach approach over individual coach approach

Group coaching works like this:

  • Customized offerings both in-person and virtually
  • In each meeting, group members are individually coached on issues of mutual interest
  • Coach Weddle is able to react and respond to participants’ questions and requests.
  • A topic or theme is selected for each group based on the needs of the group.  Just in time issues are addressed.
  • Group members benefit from the shared wisdom, and best practices of their peers and partnership of the coach.
  • Development of your own personal game plan which starts with identifying the Bigger, Better or Newer Game you want to play.
  • Experiments, articles, reflection questions for self-awareness, discovery, out of the box thinking, goal attainment and development are provided.
  • Self-assessments and 360 Feedback for additional insights
  • Groups are given access to CoachAccountable online platform for coaching support, results tracking, group or team communication and sharing & much more!
  • The confidentiality of the group will be maintained by established Rules of Engagement at the start of the groups

For more information on specific organizational needs that make group coaching a good fit or you have interest in creating a group with a particular topic or theme and gain information about Jane’s approach and measurable outcomes


Specialized Group Coaching Session anchored with Conversational Intelligence® Focus:

    • A customized package vs. one size fits all
    • Group is anchored around the the theme of improving quality of conversations with self and others with neuroscience foundation. IT is based on the Conversational Intelligence® work by Judith E. Glaser.  Experiments, articles, reflection questions for self-awareness, discovery, out of the box thinking, goal attainment and development are provided.
    • Self-assessments and 360 Feedback for additional insights into your conversational patterns:  C-IQ Catalyst and TRUST Catalyst
    • Group access to CoachAccountable online platform for coaching support and unlimited e-communication, results tracking, worksheet delivery & much more!
    • Coaching via phone, Zoom Videoconferencing or Skype, or in some cases the group may meet in-person

Conversational Intelligence® The Difference

"What I see most often in conversation, and I am as guilty as everyone else, is the addiction to being right. My natural tendency is to defend my position and it takes a very conscious effort to step back from my initial perspective and truly consider a view that may differ from my own. That has been a primary focus for me over the last few weeks, whereas when I disagree with something another person is saying, I am trying to ask more questions to gain a better understanding as to why the other persons opinion or perspective is different from my own. I definitely see improvement in how those conversations are going."

-Bob Williams, HR Director – Garner Industries

"C-IQ is not just about having conversations with others—it is about awareness of how we are within conversations with our self and others. The value of all the concepts and tools we shared in group coaching shifted my approach in my professional life and my personal life and I am seeing an impact."

– Kathy C., Quality Manager – Garner Industries

"C-IQ Group Coaching for our leaders resulted first of all in self-awareness of how we show up in conversations. Small shifts by each of us through the challenge to EXPERIMENT between sessions and the download of those experiments showed people were noticing the impact on the quality of the conversations with others."

Scott McLain, CEO -Garner Industries