Get to know Jane

“As a coach we don’t need to be experts on the content; we are experts in the structures that help people tap into their greatness”

Hi, I’m Jane.

My Game of Life started growing up in rural Odell, Nebraska on a dairy farm. At a very young age, I was always thinking of and going for small to large aspirations with great persistence and results. I have had successes and I have had failures. I have always gravitated towards helping others.

Years ago I found this magnet that now hangs on my fridge:

Within my game of life, I have found this to be true. When I shifted my thinking from trying to “find myself” to “creating myself” I found that I had more fun with my aspirations! Although I have so many to share, I’ll just share a couple of my favorite lessons that I’ve learned in my Game of Life:

  • Looking back to look forward is important. However, a forward focused mindset is the ultimate key to playing this Game of Life.
  • The detours that we take are often better routes for getting us from where we are to where we want to be.
  • Your college degree doesn’t define who you are and where you go
  • Learning and growing can happen in a lot of ways—not just in a classroom
  • Testing assumptions makes a big difference
  • Uncovering one’s blind spots does make a difference
  • Success is defined by me

What Came Next:

I wouldn’t ask you to consider partnering with me as a coach if I haven’t taken my own advice! I have experienced coaching making a difference in my work and personal life. I want to give others that experience! I am very grateful for my mentor coaches: Susan Wallace – MCC, Mike Jay – CBC, Judith E. Glaser and Dave Buck – MCC and all of the coaches in my Conversational Intelligence peer network and B/Coach Network! In addition to my coach specialization, I have years of experience in human performance technology, organization development and teams. I have spent time working internally and externally in industries ranging from the government to global manufacturing. You’re getting a coach; however, you are getting much more!

I am proud to have created a coaching business which aims to help anyone who wants more from life than just the same old, same old and aspires to play a bigger, better, and newer game on their terms with results!

Our Partnership

When I partner with you, I look at your aspirations—be they personal or professional or organizational. We work together to ask what Results you’re playing for, what Action(s) need to take Place, and what are the Challenges. Then Evaluation-how are things going. This is a very simplistic explanation; however it is all about asking great discovery questions!

I work off the belief that you have the answers and my role is to create space for your wisdom to emerge this results in more ownership and accountability. This is a very simplistic explanation; however it is all about great questions, listening, making the invisible visible, the experiments you agree to take on, reflections and commitment that help you win on your terms with amazing results!

Personal Shares

Wife to my best friend, Bill of 35 years and great supporter and would claim to be my first player. Avid lover of animals.  Owner of our 4th golden retriever-Layla and our 2nd cat-Sammie.  Walker of my on talk—been there, learned and keep moving forward. Work and play ethic comes from being daughter of a dairy farmer. Lover of watching and playing golf, NCAA basketball, football & volleyball.  March Madness is my favorite time of year.  Caregiver and advocate for my 87 year old elderly mother.   I have been told that I ask great questions that help others take great actions.

Biggest Coaching Impacts Reported:

Aspirations & Results Reached
Shifts of Behaviors & Mindsets
Movement from Intention to Impact
Time to Think

Is Coaching Right For You?

People in a variety of situations benefit from coaching, but they all have two things in common: initiative and the desire to be the very best version of themselves. Even the best-of-the-best have their blind spots and can dramatically improve their performance with an outside perspective weighing in.  One of the best ways to find out is to set up a complimentary discovery coaching session click here.

My Foundation For Coaching Others

I have been coaching, both internally and externally, for over 25 years. In that time I have logged and tracked well over 5000 hours of either individual or group coaching. I have had, and continue to have, the privilege to coach great players with great aspirations!   Over the years, others have commented that I have a unique and diverse skill set that is a great asset to my coaching practice. 

  • M.A. in Organizational Development– University of Nebraska Lincoln
  • B.S. in Social Work– Nebraska Wesleyan University
  • Have facilitated numerous coaching, leadership, team and self-improvement workshops in my career and provided follow up coaching either group or individual to ensure greater ROI and improved performance.
  • 200+ Hours of Coach Foundation Education from B/Coach – COACH2 Integral Program by Mike Jay, CBC
  • Certified Conversational Intelligence Coach – 2017 by Judith E. Glaser
  • Proficiency Coaching 2016 with Coach Dave Buck, MCC
  • Over 50+ hours of mentor coaching
  • Every year I continue to invest in myself as a coach with continuing education and mentoring

If you want to know where I have worked and other factoids not shared in this space, visit my LinkedIn profile!