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Most frequent questions and answers

I've had the privilege of collaborating with individuals & teams spanning over 10 diverse industries, encompassing a wide spectrum of clients. From executives to small business owners, as well as teams and solopreneurs,  My client base has been wonderfully varied throughout the years.

What unites them is a shared aspiration to delve into their inner selves and gain insights to create lasting change.

I assist them in unraveling the beliefs, thoughts, emotions/feelings & behaviors that impede their progress towards their desired goals. 

With a compassionate yet candid approach, I hold up a mirror, for them to uncover how their thinking is working for them or against them.  Providing questions & tools for them to navigate their paths with clarity and purpose.

Sessions are typically held two times a month or once a month, depending on your tailored package. 

If your package involves Positive Intelligence Boot-Camp Foundations  the frequency is a bit more often for the 8 or 12 weeks of that particular package with coaching. 

Coaching sessions are virtual via Zoom to accommodate my clients globally. 

Engagements vary based on your tailored package.  Yet they typically range from three to twelve months, depending on your specific goals and results. 

I have had many clients go longer than twelve months it is really up to you. 

You can learn to master your mind via the Positive Intelligence Operating System.

It combines Neuroscience, Cognitive Behavioral Psychology, Positive Psychology, and Performance Science plus research-based tools to strengthen the part of your brain that serves you-Your Thrive region and quiet down the part of your brain that sabotages you-Your Survive region. 

By increasing awareness of your ‘saboteurs’ and intercepting negative thoughts you can shift from your ‘survival brain’ to the part of your brain enabling you to thrive by utilizing your inner sage perspective & powers.

Utilizing this operating system continually overtime will allow you to develop new neural  pathways enabling you to rewire your brain and to handle life’s challenges differently!

Your tailored package sets the path.  The path with coaching isn't linear.  We both play a part in the process.  I trust you know where to lead the coaching call and I trust myself to know when you need direction  and/or learn a new concept or tool.

Some of the things (in no particular order) that are often part of a package :

Clarity Work -- establishing your personal strategy plan and/or business strategic plan

Mental Fitness Building

Assessments to give insight and direction

Personal Development work on your specific needs

Insight Work

Time & Organization Work

Much More!


Unless it is a set coaching package I am offering to individuals or groups I don't tend to put prices up at my web site because I tailor coaching to your needs & budget. 

Coaching is partly investing your dollars. Coaching is also about investing your time before, during & after & in between our sessions.

With a tailored coaching package it can vary. 

Yet you can for the most part expect:

Access to the Coach Accountable Platform that is of benefit to me as a coach and to you as a client.

VIP access to me in between sessions & I'll coach you via the Coach Accountable platform.  Also available for short 15 minute calls when needed.

Before our sessions you will be accountable for answering a few key questions that will hold you accountable and give you a chance to reflect and gain clarity in between our sessions.  

With some coaching packages I offer a weekly questions sent on a Sunday that'll hold you accountable and help you clarify your weekly goals.

All my clients current & past will share that I go above and beyond for my clients and a bonus is the arsenal of tools I have gained over the years that I can bring on a JIT (Just In TIme) basis.

Coaching is a relationship and it starts by us having a conversation and finding out what led you to exploring coaching for either yourself, your business or organization.  

I like to keep things simple so I posted a few of the most frequent questions I tend to get.  If one is not listed please reach out via email or schedule a call and Let's Talk.  

Your Path to the Next Level


Schedule a Complimentary Insight Session.  Before this call I invite you to explore my unique solutions and jot down your questions. We’ll explore possibilities and determine the best path forward that aligns with your needs.


We’ll start to meet to activate your game plan.  New tools and experiments will create a transformative journey, resulting in lasting positive changes.


You will tap into your true potential resulting in increased performance, well-being and enhanced relationships in all aspects of your life.

It’s complimentary.  What’ve you got to lose?

Anything new until it is familiar is uncomfortable...

I encourage you to embrace the discomfort and turn it into something truly transformative. You Are Ready!