Discovery Complementary Coaching

“Uncertain? GOOD…we don’t grow when we stay inside our comfort zone.”

Sign up for Complementary Discovery Coaching:

Starting with a complementary 45 minute, 1-on-1 coaching session, we’ll get clear about where you are now, where you’re feeling stuck, and where you want to go. During this private coaching  session with me, you’ll:

  • Identify what is the bigger, better or newer game you want to take on
  • Discover a few shifts you can begin to make
  • Discover barriers getting in the way-game plan to tackle at least 1 of them
  • Exchange of questions
  • Discover if coaching is right for you at this time
  • Learn about the access to CoachAccountable online platform for coaching support, results tracking & much more!
  • As organization discover if coach approach is right for your needs and variety of ways it can be used to get results