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Break Free From Tolerations

Tolerations. We all have them – those things that bug us and drive us crazy!  These irritants take energy away from us and stall us.  Tolerations are simply people, situations, and stuff that are draining our energy and holding us back. Tolerations are things you are putting up within your life.  Put your energy in…

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Plan Your Day or Someone Else Will

10-12 minutes invested in planning your day will save at least 2 hours of wasted time and effort throughout the day – from “Eat the Frog” by Brian Tracy.  As a previous Franklin/Covey time management facilitator, a factoid I often share with the players I have coached is that taking 10-15 minutes uninterrupted time to…

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Being Present

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines "being" and "doing," as follows:  Being – the state of existing, the most important or basic part of a person's mind or self  Doing – the act of making something happen through your own action  BEING PRESENT I started thinking about this concept of "doing vs. being" and realized that it…

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