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Many of us have many words that we use every day.  In a conversation, the words used can have different meanings for those who deliver them or hear them.  However, so do non-verbal’s and tone of voice.  The quality of our conversations impacts us on so many levels.

Miscommunications & Misunderstandings:

      • A client of mine was sharing a story. He said, “The person camped out until Lynn came in.”  For a brief moment, I visualized someone with a blanket, maybe a tent, a Yeti cooler, etc.  Well, that was not the case as we know “camping out” is slang for hanging out or waiting.

      • A meeting starts at 7:30 a.m. Two out of three people show up and insist they were on time.  The first person got there at 7:25 put their stuff in the meeting room and left to get some water returning at 7:35.  The second person arrived at 7:30 and took a phone call.   The third person was there at 7:25 sitting, and waiting for the other two!  The meeting started at 7:45!

      • Sue, “I’ll send you a message soon.” Joe thinks it will be coming within the next 10-15 minutes.  He checks with Sue after nothing arrived, and Sue said, “Oh, I meant tomorrow.”

      • Father to his son—”Will you mow the lawn when you have the time today?” Son to father-“Sure.”    Father to his son—“You didn’t mow the lawn today.”

    Home, Work, Social Events, we are in conversations.  During them, we can get into patterns of telling vs. asking, talking past each other, focusing on the exchange of thoughts, making assumptions, being indirect, and jumping to conclusions.  What if a simple, yet powerful conversational essential called Double Click could be added to shift your conversations.

    Double Click= asking questions to confirm understanding of words, feelings, and meaning of messages exchanged between two or more people.   The term coined by Judith E. Glaser in her book “Conversational Intelligence:   How Great Leaders Build Trust and Get Extraordinary Results.  She wondered, “What if I teach leaders to follow up with questions (double-click to confirm understanding)?”

    What if you took your conversations to the next level with the tool “Double Click”?

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