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Hi! I'm Jane

Your High-Performance Coach

Providing you with the tools you need to get to your next level.

First and foremost, I’m so happy you’re here! If you’re on my website, I can already tell you’re the kind of person seeking change, high-performance, and success.

Whatever success looks like to you

I’m a huge believer in empowering my clients to their highest level of performance and achieving their greatest potential by helping them see and break patterns that hinder progress, enabling them to operate differently.

Together, we’ll overcome the limitations and obstacles holding you back from where you want to go.

I often find in coaching my high-performance clients that they are ready. They just need the additional guidance and support to get to elevate to the next level.

Are you ready to:

  • Learn
  • Improve
  • Grow
  • Excel
  • Perform
  • Focus

The journey to success doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, I believe it can even be with a spirit of play and full of joy! That’s where I come in! Together, I help you develop the skills and attitudes you need to live a peaceful, happy, and productive life. 


  • M.A. in Organizational Development– University of Nebraska Lincoln
  • Master Certified Business Coach-Leadership University
  • Certified Positive Intelligence Coach
  • Certified Conversational Intelligence Coach
  • Certified Group Coach
  • 8 Other Key Certifications held in my field
  • Extensive experience facilitating workshops on coaching, leadership, team dynamics, process improvement, problem-solving, and various other self-organizational development areas. Additionally, facilitation of  numerous strategic planning engagements throughout my career.

The Fulfilling, Impactful Life of Your Dreams

I know, it sounds a little too amazing, doesn’t it? I assure you, it’s possible. I’ve seen the results in my clients time and time again as proof! When your eyes are open to see clearly, you can show up differently and overcome the obstacles holding you back.

When you work with me as a high-performance coach, you’ll get clarity around where you are and I’ll give you the path forward and support to get you where you want to go. You’ll overcome the limiting beliefs, narratives, and stories that’ve been running your business and life for years (for many, these have been at play since you were a young child!).

I believe in you and your success

My Story

From an early age, I’ve been drawn to helping and inspiring others. Growing up on a dairy farm in rural Odell, Nebraska taught me many things.  I had aspirations and a playful spirit. I pursued achievements with persistence and determination.  These qualities I carry with me today.

I have always loved exploring, and my inquisitive nature and curiosity continuously leads me on a journey of growth and self-discovery, striving to become the best version of myself with each step forward.

Like you, I’ve had successes and failures along the way. It was when I shifted my mindset from “finding myself” to realizing I can “create myself” that everything changed.

This shift transformed my approach in life, making success (defined by me) both easier, more fulfilling, and a whole lot more fun every step of the way!

Now, I LIVE to help others create themselves too! 

My deepest desire is for you to live and feel your best in every aspect of your life.

What sets me apart as a High Performance Coach:

  • I walk the walk. I’ve taken all my own advice and worked with experienced coaches to make lasting change in my own work and personal life.
  • I have years of experience in human performance technology, organizational development, and teams – I bring a wide range of industry experience from global manufacturing to creatives as well as a large playbook to tap into for your specific needs. 
  • I’m persistent and on your team! I’ll be right by your side helping you explore, get curious, and achieve far beyond what you believe possible. 
  • I’m supportive, caring, honest, and a good listener. I often see what you don’t and help bring it to light. 
  • I’m relationship, connection, and outcome-oriented. This is about YOU and your goals and results. 

On a Personal Note...


Been married to my husband & best friend Bill 40 Years.  Enjoying our life’s journey


Love our Fur Babies-Ray, our cat, and Earl, our new puppy.  Over the years we have had 4 Golden’s: Shiloh, Monroe, Charlie & Layla & 2 cats: Fuzzy & Sammie


Learned early lessons in leadership through my active participation in 4-H in my younger years


Things I love to do:  play golf, walk, gardening & learning to play the piano again


Favorite Season:  SPRING-the flowers begin to bloom.  Spring is all about GROWTH


Current Favorite Quote:  “Anything New Until It Is Familiar Is Uncomfortable”- Brianna West

Your Path to the Next Level


Schedule a Complimentary Insight Session.  Before this call I invite you to explore my unique solutions and jot down your questions. We’ll explore possibilities and determine the best path forward that aligns with your needs.


We’ll start to meet to activate your game plan.  New tools and experiments will create a transformative journey, resulting in lasting positive changes.


You will tap into your true potential resulting in increased performance, well-being and enhanced relationships in all aspects of your life.

It’s complimentary.  What’ve you got to lose?

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Anything new until it is familiar is uncomfortable...

I encourage you to embrace the discomfort and turn it into something truly transformative. You Are Ready!