Hi! I’m Jane.


I am a results-based coach helping those who aspire to play a bigger, better, newer game be it professionally or personally with results on your terms.

Hi! I’m Jane.


I am a results-based coach helping those who aspire to play a bigger, better, newer game be it professionally or personally with results on your terms.

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What is possible if you experiment with coaching for you, your team, your organization?

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"C-IQ Group Coaching for our leaders resulted first of all in self-awareness of how we show up in conversations. Small shifts by each of us through the challenge to EXPERIMENT between sessions and the download of those experiments showed people were noticing the impact on the quality of the conversations with others."

– Scott McLain – CEO-Garner Industries

"Coaching brought me immediate benefits.Reflection through great questions is what Jane offers and in turn I am looking at where and where not to put my energy. In my role having that time to think with someone neutral has helped me to resolve the challenges I am facing much faster. Highly recommend coaching with Coach Weddle, she goes above and beyond."

– Cristy Joy, AIA LEED AP – Owner Architecture Etcetera

"I REALLY liked the way Jane challenged my thinking. In the Laser Session, I needed an honest, open coach who wasn't afraid to point out some blind spots. It really helped me get to the next level in my thinking and action."

– Susan Gnann

"Through coaching I learned to recognize my triggers and my patterns that work for me and against me. The questions and thinking time allowed me to better organize my thoughts and approach to situations. Coach Weddle is knowledgeable, caring and great at asking questions, I highly recommend her as a coach!"

– Lorri G – Manager

"As a real estate agent I doubled my sales in 9 months, coaching kept me focused on organizing, planning and execution. We all intend to do those 3 things; however we don't..coaching gives you an accountability partner. I wish I would have not waited 5 years thinking I didn't need it! Get Coach Weddle as your coach!"

– Bob Danley CRI, CSP – Real Estate Agent

"Life gets so busy that the obvious common sense habits even become out of focus. Jane is a good listener and let me process to find my own answers. Resulting in better focus and sharpening habits new and old. Jane truely cares about her clients."

– Charlotte Ralston – CEO

"Personal coaching allowed the space in which I could explore who I was & what I wanted to become. I found the answers and I made the changes. Jane provided the process and the support."

– Katherine B., Manager

"Coaching helped me to think in depth about what I am doing, and the why, and is it really working. Followed through on things I would have probably not have if it were not for the coaching which will only help with my future business."

– Don Dahlquist, Real Estate Agent

"It is a pleasure to recommend Jane as a coach. I have seen her in action. She has the ability to help others be the best they can be and reach their aspirations."

Steve Vannoy, Founder Verus Global Inc., Author, Speaker, Facilitator

"Jane has a knack to challenge a person to rethink a rut and turn it into an avenue for growth. I highly recommend Jane as a coach who can help you grow as a professional and as an individual."

Mary Ryan, Real Estate Agent

Coaching players who want to play a bigger better newer game in the following organizations: Hampton Enterprises, Garner Industries, Ayars & Ayars, Snyder Industries, American Meter, R.U. Nuts, Exmark and many others!

"Our Special Projects Construction Group enhanced communication and follow through on key processes as a result of the coaching Jane did with the leader and group work she did with the team."

Becky French, HR Manager-Ayars & Ayars

"I personally value Jane’s coaching ability in asking thought provoking questions to get you to self-reflect, test assumptions and move forward. I would highly recommend Jane as a coach. She was valuable to me both personally and professionally."

Tami Lambie, Managing Broker, Woods Bros. Realty

What is Conversational Intelligence?

Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) has the game changing power to strengthen relationships, transform teams and shape the future of organizations. I am part of a “Dream Team” of certified coaches working to share Judith E. Glaser’s work. C-IQ Coaching focuses on you and your bigger, better game you want to play with quality conversations with yourself and with others. The key to building conversational agility with what we know now; is being able to self-regulate our neurochemistry and our emotions, and co-regulate our interaction and language with others. Conversations are not just about words and information…they are multi-dimensional. C-IQ has attributed to huge shifts in individuals, teams and organizations reported by thousands of coaches like myself world wide. Check out Personal, Laser or Group Coaching anchored with C-IQ today!

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